A brunette and blonde posing naked on a horse

12 Apr

These two Metart babes Yaria and Sofia are totally stunning – a brunette with a curvy hour glass figure and massive boobs and a slim toned blonde. They both have great butts…. justheck out the shots of them showing off their backsides.

 tumblr_mghvgj8IrS1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_ll1zvenJ8y1qiowgro1_500  tumblr_mghv999F5h1r24nhqo1_1280
 tumblr_mghvfgTG4B1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghveoIep31r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mg9m9w55eb1qc8vilo1_500
 tumblr_mghv64YsOo1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghv6rvcQA1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghv9vX5jR1r24nhqo1_1280
 naaktsportfoto33  tumblr_mghv8gojC51r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghvdyv2Nh1r24nhqo1_1280 (1)
 tumblr_mghvh9cdNW1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghvieNZnx1r24nhqo1_1280  tumblr_mghvkkMjgY1r24nhqo1_1280