A number of visitors have asked about where they can try naked horse riding. Well, if you’re a nudist, or you just like the idea of riding naked outdoors with another person, or group of people, then keep reading – we’ve put together this comprehensive guide to going horse riding nude.

Learn how to ride
Riding horses is a tricky enough business with jodhpurs, boots and helmet – let alone naked. There’s a lot to consider when riding – the horse’s temperament, how to control it, how to stay calm, plus many other things. Before even considering riding naked – which is usually done bareback (without a saddle, not the other kind of bareback!) – it is best to be comfortable riding normally. For those who have never been horse riding before, take a few lessons at the local stables first… just keep your clothes on for now.

Find a location
Naked horse riding is an age-old past time, from teenage girls doing it as a dare with their friends, and of course, nudists. For nudists and naturists, it’s an exhilarating thrill of being sans clothes, and on horseback. The experience is simply bliss. The feeling of freedom from being nude combined with the freedom of riding is amazing.

Now here comes the but (excuse the pun). You will need to find somewhere safe to try this particular activity. The countryside in the UK is too open, and you’re sure to be spotted. There are places in Europe, especially France and Germany, where there’s enough secluded countryside to make naked horse riding possible.

Get a friend

Imagine sitting on that horse alone. And naked. Now imagine being on the horse, while to the right is a flat-tummied 26-year-old with her pert boobs swinging gently in the sun. ‘Let’s go for a trot,’ she says. Which situation is more appealing? I know the answer. You gotta find a partner to go naked riding with. If you don’t know any to begin with you can find one online. The best social network for nudists is True Nudists. Check it out. But finish reading this first, because I know what question is coming next… Just where do we get the horse?

Private naked riding
People who live in the countryside generally keep animals. Many have horses. Unfortunately not so many of them have a penchant for riding those animals naked with nudists. However, one such person who does have a passion for nude riding is Michael Zauels.

Michael lives in Germany, keeps horses, has a website, and offers riding naked on the basis of private invitations. He’s a friendly enough guy who responds to emails. Judging by his pictures you could be more likely to get an invite if you’re a voluptuous young maiden. But who can blame him?

What most people who want to try naked riding will need is a resort…

Naked horse riding resorts 

Thankfully you’re not alone in your desire to ride naked without social restrictions. Nudist and naturists resorts offer all manner of regular outdoor activities. After all, nudists like to do pretty much the same kind of things as every one else. And thankfully a handful of resorts have recognised that horse riding is a hugely popular outdoor activity that nudists love, too.

I’ve spoken with several of the top nudist resorts in the world… and clarified that they provide naked horse riding. Please see this comprehensive list of nudist and naturist resorts that offer naked horse riding.