Erotic Equestrian Cowgirls ebook pictures

8 Aug
┬áHere’s an interesting little item that we just stumbled across on Amazon – an eBook of erotic horseback riding pictures.

The digital download has 60 pictures of an Argentinian brunette babe riding bareback in just tiny thong and a figure-hugging top. Oh, and that sexy cowgirl stetson.

There’s something about her jet black hair, red lips and curvy, toned figure that suggests it’s worth seeing more of the pictures.

The pictures were taken by Isabella Cool during a trip to South America. She describes shooting the images as a ‘materialized fantasy’. Yes, we bet it was a dream come true!

‘One of my outdoor photography desires was to shoot a beautiful girl riding a horse,’ she writes.

Erotic Equestrian Cowgirls: Super Cute Latina Babe Jaqui Wearing a Thong and Hat (Sexy Girls Riding Horses Book 1)

‘During my recent trip to South America I had the pleasure to experiment with my erotic photographic art and today I am proud to introduce the Sexy Girls Riding Horses and my first model is the beautiful teen brunette Jaqui… ooohh.. what a babe! Enjoy her flawless physique wearing a tiny sexy thong in combination with perfect candid horse back riding.’

Isabella sounds like quite a kinky girl herself!

Here are the preview images from the eBook, which is compatible for Kindle, but also Tablet and Smartphones once the free Kindle reader app is used.