Hot girls ride mechanical bulls in their bikinis

27 May

This is so hot – girls riding mechanical bulls in their bikinis.

Yes, I’m already licking my lips, too!

Bikini bull riding has become a popular social and entertainment activity that involves women riding mechanical bulls in their bikinis. This can take place ‘ad hoc’ on public mechanical bulls or it can be done in the form of a competition organised by a bar or night club for popular entertainment.

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mechanical bull

Mechanical bulls were invented and women naturally wanted to have a go and compete against the men who more often than not used the bulls to show off their machismo. But somewhere along the way women started riding in just their bikinis. Probably because they were already dressed in bikinis at the beach or in nightclubs. And so bikini bull riding competitions were born.

Competitions themselves vary from the mildly competitive, where women wear chaps, jeans and bikini tops, to the sexual where drunken women gyrate in front of crowds of men – sometimes splashing each other with water and showing off their bodies. Feminists might say it’s degrading but those taking part say it’s empowering. That’s also part of a broader debate that also includes aspects of ranch feminism. Readers are invited to form their own opinions of bikini bull riding from the descriptions, pictures and videos on this page.



The actual riding competitions include a basic set of rules. They’re not too strict and they’re are not as many as there are in professional bull riding which is done on live bulls. One of the rules is that women MUST wear a bikini top. Five of the rules from bikini bull riding competitions at the Montana West nightclub in Montana can be seen to the right.

The top prize in this competition was a Harley Davidson and smaller cash prizes ranged from $250 – $500. Prizes like this make the riders more competitive and they become less focused on exhibitionism and more on winning. The results and scored from dozens of compettitors who have entered bikini bull riding competitions at Montana West since 2002 can be seen here.



The rules are that riders are judged on control, style and form. They are scored out of 50 for themselves and 50 for the bull’s effort.

Contestants can only hold with one hand. Riders must wear a bikini top or bra with jeans or pants. Touching the bull with their free hand also means disqualification.

There has been a  big increase in the number of bikini bull riding competitions that are taking place around America. Many are held individually in night clubs, casinos, bars, festivals and on beaches. There has been one tour that has held competitions at different venues.

The events tend to be entertainment focused and fun. Some of the events are used to raise money for charity which gives them a positive side The increase in competitiveness also gives a more serious side to them which can make people take them more seriously for the ability of the participants.

There are many arguments for and against bikini bull riding. For the most part it appears that it takes place in small venues as a form of entertainment and light competition.

The women who take part enjoy themselves and often say that they feel empowered by it – especially because they are riding bulls which was previously a butch male activity.

There are many places where people can watch bikini bull riding or even take part.

There are often mechanical bulls at fairs and festivals and women may choose to ride it in their bikini as a dare or to entertain a crowd of people. However, if anybody would like to compete in an actual competition they can be found across North America.