Miley Cyrus topless on a horse pictures leaked

4 Apr

Miley Cyrus holds a blunt as she poses topless on a white statue of a horse.

The initial picture for the music single cover of ‘Adore You’ had cropped out the pop star’s chest.

But now the actual picture from the shoot has been leaked on Twitter (perhaps to drum up publicity as the single was struggling in the charts) and Miley’s pert little boobs are in full view.

She’s wearing a tight little white thong and her cute titties are hanging down, as she is leaning forward onto the horse’s neck. Her breasts actually look a little perkier because of this.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of Miley. having seen this picture of her topless and those sweet little peckers on horseback, I have to say that I would quite like to give the feisty little mare a jolly old gallop. Enjoy the picture… and a few other topless Mylet Cyrus shots I’ve thrown in for good luck!

miley cyrus topless on a horse statue

Miley Cyrus topless on a horse statue


Miley Cyrus topless on the beach UHQ.jpg miley5



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