Nudist resorts for naked horse riding

26 Jul
The Vyedam Naturist Resort in South Africa has their own horses
A handful of nudists resorts around the world cater for naked horse riding. This is great news for naturists – as it makes it possible to go riding, totally au-naturelle without any clothes in a safe and secure environment. The following ... Read more »

Two teen nudists riding without clothes through forest

25 Jul

Isn’t it strange how cultures react differently – like how the parents taking their young son are totally unphased by two hot blonde teens riding horses naked by them. Ok, so the old boy a bit later in the video has a good, long look at the two girls on horseback without their clothes, but nudity seems pretty easy-going in Europe.

Naked horse riding for nudists

25 Jul
naked blonde teen girl on a horse
Loads of visitors have asked where they can try naked horse riding. Well, if you’re a nudist, or you just like the idea of riding naked outdoors with another person, or group of people, then keep reading – we’ve put ... Read more »